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Rag Rugging Adventures

I thought I would show you what I have been working on recently. My Rag Rug of Rudbekia flowers, with their deep chestnut coloured centres and petals of imaginary yellows and whites. In fact I think the petals are pink in real life…but what matter? I enjoy a bit of creative licence.

I started the process by thinking about colour choice and dug out the dye pots. I found an old woollen blanket on Ebay that I planned to use.  I do love to recycle as much as I can and this was a perfect way to turn a slightly yellowing blanket into a glowing wall hanging.  I cut the blanket into manageable squares and began an exciting journey of dyeing various harmonious colours. I like to make the colour swatches as random and splashy as possible, to give variation when hooking. Don’t they look fab all folded neatly ready to go?

Next onto the cutting. I cut with a rotary blade, into strips about a quarter of an inch thick, ready for hooking. It takes an age but oh so worth it when you see the little bundles of woollen strips ready to use in all their colourful splendour.

After sketching out the design I set to work. I wanted to achieve real differences of light and dark, and particularly wanting denim blue and golden yellows to be the predominant colour scheme, to match the shop décor.  Overall I am so happy with the result. If you are interested in learning more I teach variations of rug making…(check out my website page for more information.)  Alternatively I am happy to take on commissions too.

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